Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve just started out this blog today, November 6, 2016 and I hope it will go well.
On this page, I will be giving you a short glimpse on who is behind this blog.


Who am I?

You can call me Kimi, a 19 year old lover of books from the Philippines. I am taking up Bachelor of Science in English currently on my first year.


When did I start reading novels?

As far as I remember I started reading books back when I was about 10 years old. Unlike most of the kids, I wasn’t raised reading children books as none of my parents are into it. The very first fictional novel I’ve held and read was a tagalog romance novel inapopriate for my age, the book wasn’t mine, it was my aunt’s and it was the first ever novel that have been inside our house. (Crazy, I know) but that started everything.

I only read tagalog books back then, until when I was fifteen when I’ve started to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I did like the book (It was a bomb!) but you see, I didn’t read it with the interest of my own, it was suggested by a friend and it was in a huge hype back when 2013 so I thought, ah, well, let me try this one. So I did, without the faintest idea of what the content would be. Honest.


Do I read indie books?

Hell yes. I do. Although I am a huge fan of books, and a huge fan of Fifty shades and Divergent, I never really followed trends. I am such an indie person that I cannot put my mood into it just because of the hype.I tried and bought and read a few of them though, then, I realized reading books with a high expectations on them wasn’t a good idea at all (as I am a person who avoids disappointments.) So if you’d want to ask me a list of popular books I’ve read, I could only give you about 10 and that would be it.


Why did I make this blog?

To be honest, I created this blog to review indie books.

Although it can be bestsellers, whenever I am in the mood for it. But I’d prioritize indie for I want to give these amazing indie authors the recognition, credits and huge appreciation that they deserve for their works and themselves. As to why, I have no idea. Maybe because I can see myself being an indie author someday. *wink* It’s a dream and something I am not sure to happen.


Do I accept ARCs for a review?

Without a single hesitation. Although since I’m just a beginner, it make take a while for me to be settled and be recognized, yes, I definitely will. As much as possible I’d love to read arcs than any other books. Paperback is prioritized, but ebooks are so much appreciated aswell.


BASIC ONES. It can be in any genres except non-fictions and horror (too scared) Although I’m more of a huge fan of fantasies, dystopian and some romance, I wouldn’t mind giving different genres a shot.

Also, I can’t read books the whole time I have, as I am a college student and due to reading a lot, I had astigmatism, which is a bummer, so reading and writing a lot can be a hard time.

However, I’ve always wanted to start a blog and by any means, I cannot let this first attempt  tofail so I’ll be doing my best to put interesting, informative and good contents in here!

PS. English is my second language so it isn’t the best, so please bare with me and my limited English words! (or if I have mistaken a few)

Thank you for reading!